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The Firm Fitness Center is Spartanburg's newest family-owned and operated 24-hour fitness center. Its innovative floor plan design makes it the only gym in the upstate that offers an all-inclusive fitness experience for all levels. It offers 6,000 square feet of weight training equipment, cardio machines, and 2,000 square feet for group fitness, power lifting, and functional training. 

In addition to offering state of the art equipment, The Firm is home to top notch personal trainers and fitness instructors. 

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 The Firm Fitness Center

Staffed & Child Care Hours

Monday-Friday 10:30 am - 8:30pm 

Saturday 9 am - 2 pm

Sunday 3 pm - 7 pm


"This is one of the most positive and motivational gyms I have been a member of. It has awesome energy and very functional equipment. It is a great area to get heavy lifting, bodybuilding, and muscle toning. Also, the classes they offer are intense for every level athlete, and you will love the diverse workout combinations. They understand what you are striving for and they WILL get you there and further, while having fun."


—Jeri Wood

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